Winona Ryder: “The most difficult thing is to admit that you are not in order”

Winona Ryder: “The most difficult thing is to admit that you are not in order”

Her triumphal return to the screen was called “Weinosansans”. She never planned anything, any strategies seem ridiculous to her. Ryder is inclined to use the name of the series that has returned glory to it to characterize life in general: most of what is happening to us is “very strange things”.

She is dressed exactly as it should have been in her star 90s-shabby black jeans, a shirt of the same color, many bracelets and chains, a red cardigan and heavy brown shoes with a lacing. What is funny: men’s boots on her legs, it seems, is 35th size. New Age, a mixture of styles, a little Gothic. But she does not look old -fashioned, stuck in the past era. She looks … romantically inappropriate. Not from this world and not from our fussy time – with its pale porcelain skin, dark curls and thin wrinkles around huge shining black eyes. Berenika, the heroine of the story of Edgar, the young. Winona Ryder-surviving, matured, overcoming Gothic fantasies 44-year-old Berenik.

She drinks lemonade and looks around the visitors of the cafe of the five-star Los Angeles Hotel, where we meet. But the audience clearly notes who is sitting in a soft chair at a table in the corner, funny legs, in the end, the series “Very Strange Things”, with which the rider returned to the screen, was resumed for the third season, and the actress herself received forThe role of the mother of the mysteriously disappeared boy nomination for the Golden Globe.

But Winona does not pay attention to curious glances. She got used to them in childhood, survived the stormy glory in her youth, turned out to be the center of the scandal and a loud trial of 30 and now became the one who “knows the price and fame and privacy”. The first, she says, can be measured with cash fees and the number of references in the tabloids, but the second is priceless. And on what is amenable to measurement, she prefers just … to score.

I almost tremble from this “score”. In the speech of bibliophilic-intellectuals, this is unexpected jargonism, and it does not combine with its soft, restrained, even exquisite manners. That I notice aloud.

Vainona Ryder: Oh, this is true! The person who was named in honor of the city where he was born was Winona in California, and my parents lived there for some time – should seriously treat words.

Psychologies: … And who has grown next to Allen Ginzberg, the greatest of the Bittletor poets, and Philip Dick, the famous fantasy writers. After all, your parents were friends with them.

Yes,-and which he himself is trying to register … But the fact of the matter is that I call a spade a spade. What can be neglected, worthy only of jargonism. Once upon a time to a provocative question, what would I want to be written on my grave, I replied: “Yes, you go!” – in the sense, it is precisely such an inscription that I would like to see then on my tombstone. And she never regretted what was said, although they condemned me: this girl does not appreciate the attention of the public. I really do not really appreciate, I prefer to live without her attention. I don’t even like to give read the books that I read – I make so many drops in the fields, I emphasize so much that this says too much about me. But I would not want me to know so much about me. Here recently my brother took the book of Vaclav Gavel from me and returned with the words: “I want to read it myself, without your guidelines. »I have no accounts in any social network, since there is no need to tell the world something about myself.

How successful that we met just for an interview!

Do not ulcerate, I did not mean a lively conversation! And this constant broadcast online is narcissism, which is recognized by the new norm.

Middle -age wedding

Strange business: two forty -year -olds, not familiar with each other, dissatisfied with fate, past and present, parents and colleagues, find themselves in neighboring chairs in an airplane, carrying them for a friendly wedding. In the taxi hospitably ordered for them, they are also together. And at the hotel in neighboring rooms. And at the wedding table nearby. Who will believe that random coincidences can be lined up in such a neat chain?

This happens only in very medium romantic comedies, and “how to marry a bachelor” not one of their. Its author is Viktor Levin, producer and screenwriter of the legendary “madmen”, and he understands what dramaturgy is. Moreover, and the one that is outside the plot actually. His decision to invite Keanu Reeves and Winon Ryder to the main roles is an example of a subtle off -line drama, when their own fate of performers give the film a special charm. Unconditional stars in his youth, surviving difficult times – who will better play them characters disappointed in life, but on the threshold of a new charm? The long -term friendship of Ryder and Reeves is also in the offset: they are still friends from filming in Dracula (1992), later they worked together twice another twice. So now watching their duet is an additional bonus to the viewer.

“How to marry a bachelor” at the box office from August 30

It seems that early glory-you were the idol of the “generation X” in the 80s and 90s-this is your childhood trauma ..

Not that, but … you know, I only now, after 40, ended up in my time. I would never want to return to the teenager and to my 20+. Despite the amazing experience and friendship with Tim Burton, despite Martin Scorsese mentor. Despite love, novels, “Edward of the Hands-Hands” and Jim Jarmusha with his film “Night on Earth”, who gave me an acquaintance with, perhaps, the main woman after my mother’s life is with Gina Rowlands, an amazing actress and the most free woman fromall I know. Despite the fact that then I discovered the novels of Pinchon, Philip Rot and Nabokov, films of Cassavetis and Hal Eshby. Everything that created me, which I am grateful – of all those people, those books and those films … Despite the “Club of the First wives” – a comedy and at the same time an amazing manifestation of female power, solidarity and victory over the prejudice of the dangers of age for a woman …I would not want to return there. All casting agents told me then: catch the moment, baby. You are a star now, but this is not for long, because you are a “non -standard”. In Hollywood, there will always be a demand for stately tall blondes. And not on such black piglits like me, meant.

But you are really “non -standard”. And in the best meaning of this word.

Thank you. But what was said then was so for me … I felt that it was true – that was all the inconvenience. Parents raised me in such a spirit that the main thing that a person should achieve is to become a person. Yourself. After all, they are convinced by hippies, I grew up in the commune, my friend and the inspirer of almost all the hippies of Timothy lyry became my godfather. They chose the “LSD Guru”, as the lyrics were then called, my spiritual mentor! It is natural that I have always been a “non -standard”. I was 12 when we moved to another city, to Petalum, and in the new school they just started to poison me immediately – for my funny boyish suit from the Salvation Army store (I’m from the hippie commune!) and for the boy haircut. They decided that I was “homo” and arranged “dark” … my parents immediately took me from school, of course. Until high school, I studied at home. And after the grandiose success of Bitldzhus, I thought: now they will at least somehow accept me at school … So no: they called me a freak and a witch, they constantly made something. Parents gave me to a children’s theater school so that at least some other, positive life arose outside the house. Then I began to act, even became famous, but always felt myself … how to say it ..

. In the wrong time.

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