Relax with our professional treatment for your hands!  The package includes:  • Nail trimming & shaping  • Cuticle grooming  • Relaxing hand massage  • Regular polish
Gel Manicure
Say goodbye to the world's most frustrating nail problems - chipping, cracking, weak, flimsy nails, and say hello to nail color that lasts up to more than one week. No dry time. Available in many popular shades.  The package includes: • Classic Manicure  • Your choice of gel color


Classic Pedicure (Gel)
A perfect treatment for those with a hectic schedule that covers the vital steps to well-maintained feet.  The package includes:  • Nail trimming and shaping  • Cuticle grooming  • Foot massage  • Polish
Deluxe Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure (Gel)
Once you've sloughed away dead skin, intensive hydration is the key to keeping your feet soft and smooth. That's exactly what this treatment does. This treatment is also ideal for tired, stressed, and dry feet.  The package includes:  • Sea salt soak to clean the pores, leaving the skin smooth  • Sugar scrub & callus removal to exfoliate the skin  • Mud masque to deeply cleanse and soften all skin types  • Massage butter to hydrate dry and cracked skin
Volcano Spa Pedicure
Volcano Spa Pedicure (Gel)
A beautiful, high-quality treatment that provides spa clients an unforgettable experience. It releases luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with a lovely aroma. Step 1: BASE + SANI  The nutrition base comes with Vitamin E to relieve stress, ease achy muscles, and treat irritation.  Step 2: ACTIVATOR  Add Blossom Activator into Nutri+Base created micro-organism that produces gas to maximize the flavor and unique Bubble water. Step 3: SUGAR SCRUB & Callus removal  A natural source of glycolic acid, sugar breaks down layers of dead skin and smooths the skin's surface. It also keeps skin conditioned and moisturized. Step 4: CLAY MASK  Arguably, the principal benefit of clay masks is that they can detoxify the skin while reducing excess oil and getting rid of pore-clogging impurities.  Step 5: BODY BUTTER  Body butter is a versatile all-over moisturizer for your feet. Choose your scent:  * Mangonada  * Lemongrass  * Lavender  * Milk & Honey
Organic Herbal Pedicure
Organic Herbal Pedicure (Gel)
Your body has been long awaiting this rejuvenating treatment that will contour your feet to help relieve stress, aches, muscle pain, and increase blood circulation. Sit back and relax while 100% natural aromatherapy soothes and comforts your tired feet.  The package includes:  • Foot soak with drops of essential oil  • Foot scrub with a special mixture of the gel base, sugar, mask base, lotion base, massage oil, rose herb, rose essential oil  • Sugar scrub  • Foot mask & warm towel  • Polish removal, nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal  • Oil & lotion massage • Polish Choose your scent:  * Rose  * Peppermint  * Lavender
* Paraffin $10  * Gel $20

Nail Enhancements

Regular (Full set / Fill In)
Gel (Full set / Fill In)
Solar Powder (Full Set)
Solar Powder (Same Color) (Fill In)
Ombre (Full set)
Ombre (Bottom Only) (Fill in)
Organic Herbal Pedicure
White Tips (Full set)
Dipping (Full set)
Dipping (Tips) (Full set)
Dipping (French) (Full set)


Regular Polish Change On Nails/Toes
Gel Polish Change On Nails/Toes
Cut Down


(For children who are under 10 years old)

If you want to pamper your children with an enjoyable experience and help them truly relax, we are the place.

Classic Pedicure/Manicure
Gel Pedicure/Manicure
Regular Polish Change On Nails/Toes
Gel Polish Change On Nails/Toes




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